In the beginning 

Ive been apart of the Hip -Hop culture all of my life. I was a little boy in the 80s and i must say things have really changed since my all time favorite rapper Rakim hit us..Hip Hop is the culture and there are many subcultures to talk about but the one i want to talk about is Christian rap. I remember being a little guy in my home town of Freeport Il, at a park called Taylor park. I dont remember ,maybe the local center brought them but there were these two guys that got up on stage and went in.  They called themselves P.I.D. short for preachers in disguise. The beats were banging  and they were talking about Jesus.That was my first time being exposed to what was considered Christian Rap. Hip Hop culture ruled every part of our lives back then. The gear we wore, the way we talked, honestly im glad i grew up when i did. I watched Hip Hop grow over the years like a close brother and went through the changes with it. Ive watched it turn into what it is today and still feel very much apart of it as i did when i bought my first tape. I wrote my first verse when i was in the 4th grade and when i made it to middle school , my first battle with Mike Ice was epic. Ive always had a passion for being an artist. The next run in with that style of music was when i joined the 815 click, a group of artist from our area code that decided to get together and make it happen with music. The Key, the leader of the click, was a Jehovas witness by faith. He had this song that he let me hear and when i tell you it was nothing like i had ever heard im telling the truth. It was like the most Gangsta ish i have ever heard but it had a message about getting his life right with God. Ok up to that point church to me was going on Easter and funerals but when i heard his song it woke up the spirit of God in me. I realized then how powerful Rap music could be if God was in it because of the impact  that it had on my mind.And I was crazy as hell. At the time i was the weed smoking , 40 guzzling, pistol popping in and out of jailing, trouble maker and because of the God,music, and coming together with my 815 family I made it off of the streets. It was the begining of a new journey that God was taking me on and boy, I wasnt ready for it.

Below is the song that I had on the 815 click compilation. Real underground and before I gave my heart to Christ. The year was 1996 and when I look at were I am today I can see were somethings have always been there. The lyrics are explicit and uncut. On the next Blog ill go into how I changed and let you check out my very first Gospel Rap song Kill yourself.....

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