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Let Me Explain 

 Let me begin by saying this. What a hell,  of a ride?  Im thankful for todays technology and the way I'm able to reconnect with my fans. Its been a lot of years in the making and I feel I owe you all a real explanation. All this time it was me stopping me. yes its true. Sure there was drama with the record label its true that i don't own the rights to any of my music and have no clue who does. Yes even in the gosple market theres sex, drugs, and lies. Ive grown to to the point to were i refuse to shift the blame on anyone. Ive lied, cheated, hated, etc as a believer. There was a time when i allowed what happened to me in the CHH market and the church to turn my heart to hate christian rap. Not just the music but the organization that pushed it the routine of it, . I sat in church for years hearing the same messages, songs,  catchy  phrases, and after awhile i knew there had to be more to this.I had no order. The right people weren't around to tell me what was up. The only person who did was TONEX. Bro tried to warn me not just of the market but self.didnt listen. I became a saved version of my former self. I lost it all. A wonderful family, relationships with close friends, Time.  Things that i can never get back. This kind of low brought me to really see myself for the first time. Im no theologian, I don't believe theres a superior race or sex, Haven't been ordained by any man to preach. I grew up around Drug dealers, pimps hustlers convicts etc .I've been locked up with killers and played spades with some of the smoothest criminals you'll meet. Ive smoked blunts with some of the coolest God fearing people and have prayed for help in the middle of fornicating. Ive been the worst with handling money and have let people down in business ventures. My story isn't unique but it makes me who I am and i refuse to run from it. I love those who were cut from the streets. Cut from a struggle. The ones who made it and the ones still fighting to break the mentality.Im not one for big words and scripture quoting, I'm for big actions, I'm for Love forgiveness long-suffering . I almost gave up and then God started using my past to wake me up

People i owed money to reached out. not angry but ready to give me a chance to make it right. My fans started telling me stories of how my music impacted them. Even Lacrea and in watching him lead  i couldn't help but remember what it was like in the beginning stages. It was hard. It was different BUT non of that mattered because the main goal was to plant seed or water the seed that only God could get the increase from.. WE had our Bibles on stage with us. We allowed the Holy Spirit to dominate the atmosphere. Church mothers called us devils and secular organizations called us crazy but we fought through it. I can't abandon my post that easy. Im a fighter for the kingdom ,much wiser. To be real I stop giving a you know what a long time ago about the politics of religion. His work will be completed and on his terms.

Im going to push through the ills the upsets the addictions the mistakes. Love me as i am or get out of the way because my mission isn't my own. Its for the benefit of the bigger picture............us 

Are you riding or what?